Membership Benefits

  1. Expand your viewpoint by asking questions in the forum about your dating challenges.
  2. Attend live Q&A sessions where you'll have a chance to talk with me directly.
  3. Hear from other experts on ways to improve different areas of your life that impact how and whom you date (i.e. finances, nutrition, sex, and much more!)
  4. Attend virtual "mixers" so you can meet other members (and maybe find your next love interest).
  5. Receive exclusive discounts on webinars, classes and special events.

Are you Ready to Become a Member?

STEP 1: Sound like you?

* You are interested in doing

   your inner work.

* You are single (NOT in a

   committed relationship). 

* You want to meet like-minded


* You will put in the time to

   learn, grow and heal.

* You are ready to uplevel who

   and how you date.

STEP 2: What you need to know

This is a private, members-only community.

You have a 1 week trial period to see what the Dating Alchemy Tribe is all about.

I deeply care about this tribe and the energy each person contributes. With that being said, I do not accept 100% of applicants.

STEP 3: Request to join

The cost of this membership is $12/month. 

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the Dating Alchemy Tribe

I always get asked why?!?  Why is he ghosting me after he is the one who set up the date? Why do I keep finding the girls who are always controlling and jealous? Why am I always getting hurt?

I created the Dating Alcheymy Tribe for single people like you, who are interested in exploring the deeper answers to all their questions about dating and relationships. 

This unique tribe is an online forum where you can receive direct coaching from me and learn unique dating and relationship tips and skills that will instantly impact who and how you interact with others. My favorite part - connect with like-minded people who are interested in learning and growing - and maybe even meet your next love interest!

"Heidi's advice is like nothing I have ever heard before. She taught me where I did not have the best boundaries and how to start implementing them into my life. My work relationships and dating life completely changed and it was so much easier than I ever thought it could be."

   Maev Cambriano - Virtual Assistant

Press play!

Here are some common topics we will talk about...

*Who pays for the dates?
* Dating profile tips
*Dating more than 1 person at a time
* Developing and using your intuition for deeper insight 
* Talking about Covid, STDs, your past, mental health challenges, politics and religion
*How to handle ghosting, gaslighting, and all the other dating games
*Uncovering your blind spots around love and connection
* The BIG differences between men and women
*Communication and conflict resolution skills
*Recognizing narcissistic and co-dependent tendencies 
*Sex, intimacy and affection

I hold the energetic container for every member to learn, support and encourage a journey of respect, sovereignty, authenticity, and kindness. Ask your questions, share your wisdom, connect with like-minded people and use this very powerful community as a way to bring higher levels of connection into your life. 

"Be who you are and say what you feel. For those that matter, don't mind and those that mind, don't matter" Dr. Suess