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Code of Conduct

I am beyond excited that you have joined us on this forum to share and discuss all different kinds of ways to heal, embrace our limitations and live our lives to the fullest. 

Our intention is to gather, CELEBRATE, and support each other's vision in the world and spread the word. YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT MEMBER and your conscious participation is lovingly requested.


How to participate in this group:

1. Validateffer your ideas and support in a kind, non-judgmental way. 

2. Under the Evolve Love thread, feel free to post programs, products or other 

 New Paradigm lessons and transmissions to keep you inspired and on your path, as you bridge the worlds of your creative spirit and your productive mind. This is the service that creative conduits need to stay OPEN and in the flow state. And you are welcome here. We meet here every day 24/7 in this group, for support and learning, as well as the access to Mellissa for questions and feedback. We meet twice monthly online for LIVE transmission experiences via videoconferences. Tips to Enjoy this Group: * Introduce yourself. Share what’s present for you. You are welcome here! This is your community! * Check here to know when the LIVE video experiences are! You don’t want to miss them – healing, training, transformation. It’s really fun to get it all LIVE on the call. * Click “VIDEOS” on the left to see the recordings of past events. So much good stuff to enjoy! * Post here to ask for support. Ask questions! Post what you’ve been working on, and I’ll give you feedback, as will others. You got lots of support waiting for you here – you just gotta post! * Tap the Juju! Support each other. This is not just a “group.” It’s a community – a web of support that spans the globe! And as we each participate, we are also sharing the juju with everyone else in the group. Every time you wish us all well, we all are affected. We are largely empathic! So we keep it positive, and intentionally use our good juju to benefit the whole. Likewise, please remember to draw from this field of good juju. That’s what it’s here for. Feed it. Acknowledge it. Draw strength from it. Celebrate it! Do that all here!

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