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Being a divorced, single woman who is now ready to date, is a new identity. Who are you in front of different men? What do you find attractive? What are your non-negotiables? When should you have sex again? How do you present yourself?

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Ever since I can remember, I believed romantic love was one of the most powerful experiences a person could have - both positive and negative. My past, combined with my drive to heal, was the perfect storm to release this very instinctive and infinite need to understand others, and more specifically myself, in the pursuit of love.

My personal 20+ year journey with dating became the platform to understanding emotional triggers, the language of the subconscious, communication and why we all do what we do.

I read books, attended seminars, worked with many different types of healers and put into practice every dating technique and method I could find to see what worked and didn't work for me.

I dated men from different cultures, religions, heights, weights and lifestyles. I practiced different ways to present myself, just to see the varying results that came out of it. I went through every phase of dating imaginable from seriously long dry spells to being committed and in love.

Why Dating and Relationships?

I started from a place of barely being able to feel - I was numb. I grew up in the kind of trauma that caused me to shut down emotionally so I could survive. When I was older and began my healing journey, I had many moments where I wanted to quit, usually when I was crying so hard I could barely breathe. In those moments, somehow my desire to experience a limitless, boundless, powerful love, was so strong that it got me back up on my feet to keep fighting - not necessarily for myself, but for him - whoever he was. I have always known that if I wanted to experience a powerful love, I had to become everything I ever wanted from love first. My vision of love - and him - is what kept me going.


What I most admire and respect about love, is that who you are on the inside, is what determines the level of love you get to experience on the outside. Love puts everybody on an equal and level playing field. Whether rich or poor, living in the jungle as a native or a bustling city - love affects you. It will bless your life and challenge you with opportunities to become the best version of yourself, many times by activating the worst in you. Whether you say yes or no to that invitation, is your choice and your design in how you want to experience it.

Your experience of love is purely in your hands.


 It's a powerful force and one that deserves the respect of being studied, explored, experienced and honored. To that end, my relationship with love has evolved into a passion to share with others the same results I get to experience in my own life.


How a Session Works

The knowledge and wisdom I have attained over the years expanded into many fields of study. Because of this, my approach is a fusion of mind, body and spirit methodology.

  • I have a B.S. in Kinesiology

  • I completed all coursework for an MA in Sport Psychology

  • I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • I am a Certified Akashic Records Consultant. 

  • I use techniques like tapping, visualization, soul fragment integration and an array of energy clearing methods to support growth.

I open your Akashic Records at the beginning of each session. Depending on where you are at in your process, the time spent will either be equipping you with practical knowledge and skills or dive deep into your Records to work with blocks to manifesting your love vision. My goal each session, is for you to feel more connected to your inner strength, wisdom and guidance so that when life throws you curve balls (which dating is really good at doing), you handle it with more grace and ease each time.

It makes dating so much more fun that way!

To learn more about the Akashic Records 

My Message to You

Love IS scary and always will be. The only guarantee that love will offer is a path of expansion, whether it feels good or not. This path is unpredictable and full of unknowns for everyone - no exceptions. Do you know what is predictable and a guarantee though? YOU.

Your relationship with yourself, your ability to be resilient and your commitment to growth is 100% in your hands. You can either embrace it and educate and empower yourself, face your fears and see the gift in every experience, or play the role of a victim and perpetually live with discord. It's truly that simple. 

You are a light in this world and you matter. You are worth loving. You are worth knowing. You are worth fighting for. Knowing and connecting to this truth, whether or not the person in front of you believes it and treats you as such, is your journey.

 The pursuit of love is your design. Make it a powerful one.



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