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 EQ Coach

My education in emotional intelligence began as a child. In response to a very intense upbringing, I instinctively started paying attention to a person's tone of voice, the words they used and how they felt energetically. This skill enabled me to decipher what was about to happen and develop an effective skillset to best navigate my environment.

The level of EQ I naturally developed as a survival mechanism, turned out to be the greatest gift I received as I became an adult and able to choose the design of my life. Now, I deeply love all of the relationships in my life both personally and professionally. I am well nourished, respected, honored, celebrated and supported. The level of emotional intelligence I have mastered, inspired by pain and trauma, was the gateway to feeling an inner strength that allows me the freedom to truly experience the fullness and beauty of life. 

Dating Expert

Love and connection have always been the driving reason for everything I studied. Ever since I can remember, I believed romantic love was one of the most powerful experiences a person could have - both positive and negative. The challenges of my past combined with my drive to heal, was the perfect storm to release this very instinctive and infinite need to understand others, and more specifically myself, especially in the pursuit of love.

My personal 20+ year journey with dating was the platform I used to learn about my triggers, subconscious beliefs and sabotaging patterns that limited every aspect of my life. I really got to know my very powerful and loud inner mean girl while dating.

Being the researcher spirit that I am, I was able to start seeing and understanding why we all behave the way we do and where the power lies within to shift it.

Akashic Records Consultant

My favorite question is why? It's the entry point into the rabbit hole of the subconscious and helps connect us all to both the lies and truths we carry that influence our choices and feelings. The Akashic Records were a logical and easy pathway for me to align with and study. I could ask the Record Keepers anything and receive expanded answers and a deeper understanding of what was happening in the present. My relationship with the Akashic Records is always evolving and surprising and keeps me entirely engaged and entertained with the mysteries of life. The healing they provide, the perspectives they offer and the truths they share are infinite and powerful. 

My Approach

Scientific, Spiritual and Practical

I have read books, attended seminars, worked with many different types of practitioners and healers over the past 30 years. I put into practice every healing technique and method I could find. My journey has gifted me with incredible resilience, strength, confidence and emotional freedom that is far beyond what I ever imagined. This is what I would like to inspire within you!

My work is an invitation to your most powerful, authentic self.

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B.A. Kinesiology, Certified Akashic Records Consultant, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Extensive studies and training in various modalities such as sport psychology, energy medicine, sefl-actualization, metaphysics, EFT, visualizations, meditation, breathwork, trauma recovery, injury prevention, post-rehabilitation, massage and nutrition.

Image by Chang Duong


What I most admire and respect about love, is it puts every single person on an equal and level playing field. Whether rich or poor, living in the jungle or a bustling city - love affects you. It will bless your life and challenge you with opportunities to become the best version of yourself, many times by activating the worst in you. 

 Whether you say yes or no to that invitation, is your choice and design of how you want to experience it. It is an incredibly powerful and healing force that deserves the respect of being studied, explored, experienced and honored. 

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