Being a divorced, single woman who is now ready to date, is a new identity. Who are you in front of different men? What do you find attractive? What are your non-negotiables? When should you have sex again? How do you present yourself?

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Dating Expert       Akashic Records Consultant

Ever since I can remember, I believed romantic love was one of the most powerful experiences a person could have - both positive and negative. The challenges of my past combined with my drive to heal, was the perfect storm to release this very instinctive and infinite need to understand others, and more specifically myself, in the pursuit of love.

My personal 20+ year journey with dating became the platform to understanding emotional triggers, the language of the subconscious, and why we all behave the way we do.

Funny enough, my unhealthy, obsessive need to understand and control every situation, has now shifted into a deep desire to empower others into a place of peace, a freedom to love more openly and powerfully, and an acceptance of both the light and the dark that lives within all of us.


My Approach

Scientific, Spiritual, and Purposeful

I have read books, attended seminars, worked with many different types of practitioners/healers, and put into practice every dating technique and method I could find. I wanted evidence of what worked and did not work for me.

I have dated different cultures, religions, heights, weights, and lifestyles. I have practiced different ways to present myself, just to see the varying results that came out of it. I have gone through every phase of dating imaginable, from seriously long dry spells to being committed and in love. 

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I have hurt a lot of people and also attracted a lot of hurt into my life through dating - rejection, abandonment, failure, betrayal, and all the other fun stuff that love will trigger. 

I learned it was my ability to forgive and release those hurts that empowered me to shift my experiences with dating and love. 

 To that end, my relationship with love has evolved into a passion to share with others, the same results I get to experience in my own life.

Image by Chang Duong

What I most admire and respect about love, is it puts every single person on an equal and level playing field. Whether rich or poor, living in the jungle or a bustling city - love affects you. It will bless your life and challenge you with opportunities to become the best version of yourself, many times by activating the worst in you. Whether you say yes or no to that invitation, is your choice and design in how you want to experience it. It is an incredibly powerful and healing force that deserves the respect of being studied, explored, experienced, and honored.