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Scientific, spiritual and practical guidance for expanding your
emotional intelligence.

"I was blown away with how much Heidi knew about me without me ever having said a word. I thought she had researched me before our first session, but instead she showed me how she did it and how I could do it too. What I learned from her completely changed how I lead my team and the result was an increase in productivity by 27% within the first month. She is worth every penny!"   John Santinas - Program Developer

Meet Heidi Grayce

Emotional Intelligence Coach      Dating Expert
Akashic Records Consultant

 I get asked "why???" all of the time. Why do I keep picking guys who are emotionally unavailable? Why do I keep spending money I don't have? Why am I struggling to lose weight? You may even know the answers, yet it hasn't changed a thing. Your level of EQ is about your ability to understand, access and work with the subconscious.


EQ has 4 components:

  • Self awareness 

  • Self regulation

  • Social awareness

  • Social regulation


If you understand that somewhere around 90% of the decisions you make on a daily basis come from your subconscious, then you know this is exactly where you need to go to get the real answers to "why?" Your subconscious is the gateway to all of your strongest beliefs, programs, thoughts, fears and limitations that shape your life. It is an infinite gold mine of the most powerful knowledge you need in order to work with your limited self so you can expand your best self.


fun fact: Did you know that our subconscious mind is processing somewhere around 400 billion bits of information per second? And that we are conscious of about 2,000 bits of that 400 billion? 

"I have found Heidi's approach to be fierce and compassionate, with no stone left unturned. What I loved most about her guidance is how she helped me develop and stay connected to my inner wisdom, while figuring out my life after losing my job during covid. With Heidi and her life-changing methods, you will be in good hands long after your time shared."   Janine Celio - Financial Advisor

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EQ is a skill that needs to be developed. Learn how to recognize subconscious patterns, develop better communication, handle stress with more ease and so much more! Empower yourself.

Digital Reading
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Ready to deep dive and explore? If you are dedicated, curious and ferociously commitment to your inner truth, we will be a good fit. It's time for a more powerful and expanded version of yourself to emerge.

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"When we finally realize that life is an initiation, we see there are no victims - just students."

                    Dr. Joe Dispenza

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