An empowered and intelligent approach to dating that builds a solid foundation for a vibrant love that lasts.

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"I went through 12 weeks of changing and transforming with Heidi. Not only is she gifted in working with the Akashic Records, but also with searching and uncovering what is ready to be seen and healed in all aspects. I can look back and see the scared, closed down person I was when I stared with her and now the woman I see in the mirror who is bright and loving life. I am so grateful she was able to see through to the true me and help me uncover and unshackle her. I am forever changed for both knowing and working with her."  Quimby Ingram - Mother, Angel Reader

Work with me

1 on 1

This option is for you if you’re serious about creating a big shift in your dating life. My 8 and 12-week programs are a  comprehensive and accelerated approach to up-level your dating experiences. Are you ready to create a solid foundation and action plan for success? Are you ready to create a more empowered and fresh mindset with dating? 

The Conscious Dating Community

Imagine having a place to go where you can be yourself and ask specific questions about dating and your pursuit of love. Make new connections with other men and women who are like-minded and can offer alternate perspectives. I also offer live webinars, Q & A sessions and classes to members only. Come have some fun with us! 

Online Dating

 Mastery Class

There truly is an art to getting to know someone through technology. What your profile communicates and the quality of your "filter" of who you say yes and no to, can easily make or break your experiences. I'd love to help you craft an effective profile, as well as teach you some powerful tips for "reading between the lines" on someone else's profile. 

"Be who you are and say what you feel. For those that matter, don't mind and those that mind, don't matter" Dr. Suess


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