Dating Alchemy

An empowered and purposeful approach to dating that builds a solid foundation for a vibrant love that lasts.

"I went through 12 weeks of transformation with Heidi. Not only is she gifted in working with the Akashic Records, but also with uncovering what is ready to be seen and healed in all aspects. I can look back and see the scared, closed down person I was when I started with her and now the woman I see in the mirror who is bright and loving life. I am so grateful she was able to see through to the true me and help me uncover and unshackle her. I am forever changed for both knowing and working with her."  Quimby Ingram - Angel Reader


Do you have a pattern of picking people that are emotionally unavailable? Have you been cheated on many times? Do you tend to fall hard and fast? Or maybe you are commitment phobic. If you are ready to fall in love, now is the time to work with your patterns.


Each session, I will open your Akashic Records and create the opportunity for your Record Keepers to shift the energies of your past, while creating more freedom in your present to attract exactly what you want..


With conscious and deliberate focus, commitment and preparation, you can turn your frustrations and confusion about dating and your love life into an empowered approach that attracts higher quality dates.

Private and Group Coaching 


The purpose of this session is to deep dive into your love journey and all the aspects of your life that are influencing it. I will begin by opening your Akashic Records and then we will talk about what is working and not working in your romantic life. Your Record Keepers will also be sharing information with me that will assist you in more deeply understanding the blocks and beliefs that stand in the way of the kind of relationship you want. If you are ready to take action and shift your love journey, let's get started!

  • 2-hour session

  • Recording from session upon request

  • $400

To get started,                 and fill out the questionnaire. 


Entry into this program is by invitation only. You must have already completed a Strategy Session.

If you are dedicated and committed to clearing the inner clutter so you can attract a high-quality love into your life, this program is for you. During this 12-week program, I will help you navigate the biggest questions you have about love and your romantic life. With the help of your Record Keepers each session, you can begin to release unwanted beliefs and programs that act as blocks to getting what you truly desire. Develop new dating habits, create more effective online profiles, and learn how to better tune into your own inner wisdom and intuition.

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Are you ready to discover your deeper, core beliefs around love? It's time to unravel the dating patterns that are not working for you. Each session, I open the group Akashic Records and we discuss and explore any blocks, beliefs, programs, and habits that are influencing what shows up in your dating life. The Record Keepers also assist in clearing and healing common blocks to love. Each week you will receive new insights, skills to implement, and support for your growth. All groups are limited to 10 people, so you will get a lot of personal attention.

  • 12 weekly 60-minute zoom sessions (sessions are recorded)

  • 3-month membership to the Dating Alchemy Tribe ($201 value)

  • $840 (payment plans available)

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"I wasn't sure if the group thing was going to work well for me, but it's been so much more than I expected. Heidi is straight up, non-judgmental, and spot on with her advice. I am finally enjoying dating." Eduardo Villa - Graphic Design

"Be who you are and say what you feel. For those that matter, don't mind and those that mind, don't matter" Dr. Suess