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Ready for a new way to date online that actually works?

How people date has drastically changed since the online world became the new norm. Now that Covid is in full force, it's an even stronger platform to continue meeting new people. However...ghosting, gaslighting, cat fishing and all sorts of games are also in full force and can take the wind out of your sail faster than anything. There is a strategy!

There ARE ways to reduce the drama and games and find people who are more authentic and like-minded. Let me show you how.

"My eyes are opened! After taking one of Heidi's classes about online dating, I realized my knowledge was very limited. Since applying some of her techniques, the women I have met are much closer to what I'm actually looking for. I will be taking many more of her classes!"   John Fischer - Software Developer

Online Dating

 Mastery Class


People expose all kinds of information about themselves through the words they use (or lack thereof), the pictures they share and the style of communication they embody. Being able to "read between the lines" is a skill I will teach you that can be extremely helpful in filtering out the kind of person that does not align with you and your values. I will also introduce you to the basics of how to use and develop your intuition through reading the energy of a person in their profile pictures.


Let's not forget about your profile! If you are not meeting the kind of people you enjoy, your profile is most likely sending out a different message than you think. I will offer feedback as to what your profile is actually saying and then show you ways to shift it. I will also teach you how to energetically imprint your intentions into your profile so you naturally call towards you more like-minded dates that carry the potential for love.


What's Included?

  • 6 group calls (calls are recorded)

  • Email access to me for coaching support in between classes

  • Limited class size to ensure you get a lot of personal attention

  • 3-month membership to the Conscious Dating Community

"I was blown away! I've done a lot of reading and watching videos about dating, so I figured Heidi's online dating class would be on par with what I already new. I was shocked how she just went straight to core and taught us some of the most important and crucial information I have never heard before. She absolutely knows what she is talking about. "   John Fischer - Software Developer

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." John Gardner