I'm here as a living example to let you know... 

No matter what you have been through, it is absolutely within your power and ability to cultivate relationships full of integrity, safety, respect, and passion.


There is one thing I can say for certain...I am resilient. It is the greatest gift that came out of years of sexual abuse, violence, neglect, programming, and dark ritual ceremonies. Because I survived the most extreme levels of trauma growing up, I became driven and determined to find freedom from my past. 

I deeply craved being able to love and connect without my fears and insecurities constantly sabotaging my life. I worked with specialists and healers from every walk of life, determined to understand and heal my very fragmented heart. 

I learned quickly that relationships were the perfect mirror to show me the condition of my heart and the quality of love I offered and received. This approach offered me infinite opportunities to develop self-love, learn how to move through my triggers in a healthy way, and how to re-program my very distorted views of love and connection.

Although healing is a forever journey, I finally reached a place where I get to have exactly what I started out wanting over 20 years ago - being able to offer and receive high quality, conscious, healthy love and connection.

I'm here as a living example to let you know- no matter what you have been through or have done in your life, you are worth knowing and loving!

I'm excited to share what worked for me and hundreds of others I have helped along the way. 

xoxo Heidi


"Immediately usable tools"
Heidi provides immediately usable tools to reduce emotional stress and resolve challenges with integrity and love. I highly recommend her classes! 
Sheryl S.
"I finally see a new life for myself"
My entire life fell apart when my husband left me for another woman. Heidi's guidance gave me new understanding and purpose. I finally see a new life for myself.
Esperanza S.


I am continuously dedicated to studying and honing my skills in diverse modalities aimed at healing the mind, body, and spirit. My methodology integrates science, spirituality, and above all, practicality. My true magic lies in helping people effectively implement what they have learned so they can make lasting changes in the relationships they value most.

My Passion:  Exploring various spiritual, practical, and heart-based practices that offer a path of liberation from pain caused by past traumas.

My Mission: To empower others to break free from trauma and harmful patterns that sabotage connection. Clearing the past enables a deeper connection with inner love and divinity which fosters healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

  • B.A. Kinesiology¬†
  • Certified Akashic Records Consultant
  • Certified Sport Psychologist
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

 I LOVE working with both the physical and mental/emotional/ spiritual aspects that impact our lives. My continuous studies involve training in self-actualization techniques, metaphysics, manifestation, reiki, sound healing, EFT, trauma recovery, injury prevention, post-rehabilitation, sports performance, massage, and nutrition.

My personal thoughts on love...

What I most admire and respect about love is it puts every single person on an equal and level playing field. Whether rich or poor, living in the jungle or a bustling city - love affects you, love touches you, and it offers each and every one of us the opportunity for growth and healing.

It will challenge you with opportunities to become the best version of yourself, many times by activating the worst in you. That is the greatest gift your friends, family, romantic partners, and your beloved pets have to offer you - opportunities to experience all sides of yourself so you can practice embracing and loving everything within you, so you can offer that same level of love to others.

I invite you into deepening your journey with love. Respect it. Honor it. Study it. Learn from it. Let it soften the rough edges that trauma left behind. Let it illuminate your shadows so you can more powerfully activate your light.

Let it gift you with complete and utter peace and contentment so that when you take your last breath, you will know that you have fully lived.