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Meet Heidi

Resilience Coach     Speaker     Akashic Records Consultant

Scientific, spiritual and practical guidance that provides support in opening pathways for resilience, freedom and healing.

My entire life has been dedicated to the transformation of pain into freedom. It is through this incredibly tumultuous and unpredicatble healing journey that I have found my greatest treasure. ME.

"Life is happening for me, not to me."


This was the mindset I chose to embrace as I faced the truth of my life. I was 30 the first time I sat before a specialist who confirmed signs of a specific type of abuse that most people do not know exists. EVERYTHING I had known and believed about who I was and what my life was about, came crashing down. I spent several years unraveling many layers of buried truths that were finally ready to be known, embraced and empowered.

Luckily, I am who I am - which is insatiably curious, driven and committed to reclaiming every single aspect of my life.

This is how I discovered the path from pain into freedom.


"I have found Heidi's approach to be fierce and compassionate, with no stone left unturned. What I loved most about her guidance is how she helped me develop and stay connected to my inner wisdom, while figuring out my life after losing my job during covid. With Heidi and her life-changing methods, you will be in good hands long after your time shared."   Janine Celio - Financial Advisor

Coaching, Community and Classes

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Make new friends, ask your dating questions and receive different perspectives, share your own wisdom and experiences, receive special discounts on classes and uplevel how you date. 

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Resilience is a life skill. Learn how to embrace forgiveness, work with your limiting patterns, develop your communication, handle stress with more ease and so much more! Empower yourself.

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Ready to deep dive and explore? If you are dedicated, curious and ferociously commitment to your inner truth, we will be a good fit. It's time for a more powerful and expanded version of yourself to emerge.

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"When we finally realize that life is an initiation, we see there are no victims - just students."

                    Dr. Joe Dispenza