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 Heal. Restore. Expand. Create. 

Akashic Records: The Story of Your Soul's Journey

What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine you have your very own library. Each book in your library is about a life you lived and is full of detailed information about what you thought, felt or acted upon throughout that specific lifetime. These are your Records. You even have your very own Librarians called the Record Keepers! They are special spirits who have never embodied as a human and whose sole purpose is to act as your specific guides. 

"I finally have clarity for my path. I am so excited to start in this new direction and feel the peace and freedom I have been looking for this past year. I am beyond grateful for Heidi and her abilities!"

Ren Reynolds, Teacher

Your Record Keepers can help you see a situation from a much broader perspective. You are on street level viewing your life, whereas they are miles high looking down with a bird's eye view. When you ask for their help, they are able to share different aspects influencing your life that you are not aware of. Your Record Keepers share the most relevant information for your healing and best movement forward through your current situation.

The sky's the limit! The more open you are, the more detailed questions you ask, the more specific your Record Keepers will be in their answers, guidance and healing. If you are not sure how or what to ask, I am more than happy to help formulate questions as we go along.

What kinds of questions can you ask your Record Keepers?


I'm terrified of public speaking, yet I feel very drawn to it. What can you tell me about this fear and how can I heal?


I was sexually abused as a child. What can I know about this situation to help bring me healing? How do

I forgive?


What is influencing my relationship with my daughter? We constantly argue, yet have such deep love for each other.


Is there something hidden or cloaked that is keeping me from achieving my soul's desire?

stay OPEN

What resources can I utilize to help me with parenting? In my relationship? In my job? With my finances?


Do I have a soul contract with my wife? Is there anything that can be cleared? How can I be a better husband?


What is influencing my financial status? What can I do to become more abundant? Why can't I make more money? 


I am miserable at work. Am I centered on my soul's path? Should I look for a new job or a different career?

What People are Saying

"Heidi’s accuracy is astounding. My Akashic Record reading with her was very insightful. I’ve been working in the energy psychic field for 15 years and I’ve met a lot of intuitive healers. She sits at the top. Her intention is heartful, making the vibration of the session so healing and beneficial on multiple layers. I recommend her to anyone wanting an evolved healer working with them to reach their goals."

Jennie McDaniel, Psychic and Healer

"The Records Keepers always blow my mind with the information I receive about my soul's path. Each time, I become more of who I am really meant to be."

Jennifer Salistadt, Lawyer

"I am always amazed at how I feel after a session with Heidi. The Records have been beyond helpful and a great resource!"

James Meyers, Engineer

"Heidi has many special gifts as a healer, but the most special gift I experienced during my reading, was peace of mind. It was exactly what I needed." 

Donna Rogers, Retired

What People are Saying

"My reading with Heidi was phenomenal! Questions about my life’s purpose that, in the past, came into my consciousness as just whispers, were identified and answered loudly in a way that resonated strongly.  Heidi’s connection to my Akashic Records felt authentic and real and the information I received of true value.  I felt a deep inner knowing had taken place. Truly a life-changing experience."

Kate Kellet, Bioresonance Therapist

What is an example of how a Reading has helped someone?

I worked with a woman who had been TERRIFIED of water her entire life. She never had any trauma with water that she was aware of. She had cleared and healed past life traumas with water, but in our session, we got the final piece. She went from feeling terrified of water to crying as she saw herself in the water swimming and feeling "at home" again. She was able to go on her beach vacation and go swimming with her husband for the first time in her life!

Can the Records tell me about my future?

Yes and no. Your Record Keepers can reveal the potential of your future, but do not guarantee any outcomes. We have free will. Therefore, each choice we make will influence what shows up in our lives. 

No. The Records are a neutral source of information. They support all of humanity, regardless of our beliefs or practices. Their only purpose is to share information for the best and highest good of all.

Are the Akashic Records associated with a particular religion or spiritual practice?

Can you access the Records of other things, besides me?

Absolutely! I can access the Records of a group of people, pets and businesses. If this interests you, please ask for details, as there are guidelines that need to be respected and followed.

Can the Records tell me if my husband is cheating on me?

No. I cannot access the Records of another person without their permission. I can ask questions about what's happening for you in the relationship.

More questions?  

Other Resources

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​I am certified through the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. What a privilege it is to get to know myself and others from a realm where there is such purity of love, acceptance and grace. If you are interested in learning to read your own Records or becoming a Certified Consultant, click below.

I HIGHLY recommend Lisa Barnett's New York Times best-selling book "From Questioning to Knowing." Her Record Keepers asked her to record 73 specific prayers where they imbued the prayers with Akashic healing energy. They are designed to help us all heal, grow and expand. 

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