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3 Ways to Spot a Narcissist on a Dating Profile

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"Heidi's advice is like nothing I have ever heard before. She taught me where I did not have good filters in place and what I needed to add in my profile to attract the kind of man I was looking for. Even as I was going through her 3 month program, the kind of guys I met online were so much closer to what I actually wanted! Her system is truly amazing!"   Maev Cambriano - Virtual Assistant

Actualizing a relationship future requires clarity, planning and specific action to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. In fact, it’s one of the most important journeys of your life. And yet, I have commonly found over the years, love is left to chance. The very powerful feelings of attraction and connection, often misguided, end up taking many people on a whimsical journey to who knows where.


I have close to 30 years of research, study, dating and coaching hundreds of people in their pursuit of love. One thing is very clear. The most successful love requires a very purposeful and conscious approach...beginning from date #1. 

"I have found Heidi's approach to be fierce and compassionate, with no stone left unturned. What I loved most about her guidance is how she helped me develop and stay connected to my inner wisdom, while figuring out how to date again after the worst heartbreak of my life. With Heidi and her life-changing methods, you will be in good hands long after your time shared."   Janine Celio - Financial Advisor

Conscious Dating Programs

Make new friends, hear other perspectives, ask your questions, share your wisdom, receive direct coaching from me and

up-level how you date.

There is a skill and art to online dating. Receive guidance on your own profile as well as learn how to "read between the lines" of what someone presents in their profile.

Ready to fall in love? Then it's time to work with your blind spots. Connect and shift your core beliefs, fears and patterns that are running your romantic life. 

Making Funny Face

"When we finally realize that life is an initiation, we see there are no victims - just students."

                    Dr. Joe Dispenza


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