Core Truth #1

You cannot truly love anyone until you choose to forgive everyone. 

Core Truth #2

Self-esteem is knowing you are  worth loving, even in your darkest moments. 

 Core Truth #3

You will find that the greatest healing lives within your biggest fears. 

Build relationships on a foundation of self-love, integrity, knowledge, and skills. 


Whether lovers, friends, or family, your closest relationships are the most important. It's because of how close they are, that it will expose your limitations, or what I like to call your "fault lines" - the cracks in your system where the pain from your past is stored. How much pain is stored there and how you handle your triggers when that pain gets activated, is what determines the health and level of functioning of your closest relationships.  

All The Tools You Need To Build Successful Relationships

Achieving your desires in life requires closing the gap between where you are now and what you need to reach your goals. This process involves creating a clear vision, developing your knowledge and skillset, and taking actionable steps towards your goals.

Building healthy connections requires the same approach. Unfortunately, this approach is often overlooked, as many people allow the state of their relationships to be dictated by their emotions rather than being more skilled, conscious, and discerning.

As a Relationship Architect, I am here to teach you what is needed to set yourself up for success in creating the kind of close relationships you want.

Working together empowers you to learn how to better navigate the adventures and mis-adventures of romance, friendship, or family dynamics in order build healthier connections, even during the most stressful times. 

My years of research and personal experience have offered me great understanding of the elements that lead to thriving relationships, the pitfalls to avoid, and what is needed for maintaining healthy connections. 

Are you interested in scheduling a Strategy Session?

Strategy Session


2 hours

Prior to our session, you will fill out my 6 Pillars to Relationship Success Assessment which will give us a starting place to see which areas you are strong in and which areas need to be worked on.

Our time together will begin with me opening your Akashic Records to allow for their guidance throughout the session.

We will talk about your answers from the assessment and dive deeper into your relationship history and patterns and what is needed to set you up for success moving forward.

You will leave the session feeling excited about your future and all the possibilities waiting for you.